Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hola :)

Hola from Spain! Last night I arrived in Bilbao with boat in tow ready for the Mundaka World Cup event. A nice low swell provided some waves today but Mundaka definately wasn't working very well. I managed to make the most of what there was to score the highest of the day (75pts) and progress to quarter finals tomorrow. The best session of the day however was after the comp..inshore of the main peak with some really punchy lefts and rights, barrels to be had and sections to hit...oooh....and 27 degrees!! .....happy days!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Widemouth...Adam Harvey's first comp

Last weekend I loaded up again for the loooong drive to Cornwall. But well worth it to meet up with my younger brother Adam (14) for his first comp. Rain, strong onshores and 6ft waves...classic competition surf made me wish I was back at home...until Adam's first heat. I was stoked to see him paddle straight out the rip, keep a cool head, get 3 solid rides and take 2nd place. In his second heat he was against Darren settled for second again. The second wave was awesome though nice drop...cutback, dropping again and up to the lip for a massive slash on the closeout (nice one!) 2 seconds...surfing well...confidence up...unfortunately the 3rd heat didnt work out as hoped, getting nailed inside, loosing his paddle and deciding to have a good look at the fish instead! never mind...With the handicap Adam finished 4th and showed us that he's got real potential for the future...Big smile :) I was there mainly to support Adam, but making the final was another good result, although with back-back heats and a narly shore pound I was knackered and my plan to go for only 3 waves didn't really pay off...I managed 2 nice rides but couldn't find a third...still 3rd place is another nice result :) Thanks to Simon Hammond for another slick event.