Monday, October 29, 2012

Perfect Day

Just had a great 36hrs of playing around in the prototype. With 5 fin boxes i've been able to play around with different setups and so far the thruster seems the best. It's amazing the difference fins make to boat performance and i'd definitely recommend everyone plays around with size, positions etc. The thing i love most about this boat so far is the rails which engage with the wave really well and make for great carving turns as well as enabling you to get locked in high up on the wave...all i need now is a few deep hollow pits to get into.

And a few more pics:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Prototype Arrived Today!

I finally got my hands on the prototype i've been working on with Watertech. And first impressions are :-) awesome! It was a really messy 4-5ft windblown swell but the boat performed nicely, really tight carving turns, rail engages well and shoots down the line...lots more testing to do, but a shortboard style  hollow wave boat is what i wanted and looks like it's on the this space!