Sunday, March 29, 2009

Outdoor Show

I've just got back from outdoor show, where i was presenting a talk about the sport and my adventures...quite a lot of nerves this morning but all went smoothly (i think). Big thanks to Zach at RunandJump for setting that up. They've got some great new designs coming out at the moment. check out:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hatric at Santa Cruz :)

photo by Caroline Woolward (in the good surf pre-event)

It's been a really tough event over in Santa Cruz with almost no waves for the first 2 days of competition. Somehow after taking off on rocks and a lot of jostling for the few waves, I scraped through the flat spell. I thought it was game over in my semi when my deck blew (first time ever) but the couple of wave i'd had were sufficiently high scoring to get me into the final. Although nothing like last year's waves, the new swell started to hit and there were some nice rides to be had from the point. A strong offshore wind meant I held back from going big on the lip but i got in sync with the sets and secured some nice rides and finished just ahead of local ripper Galen Licht. I think it's the first ever hatric at the event so that feels really good but as always it's just great being here, all the guys are awesome and event is really well organised. It's a lot of fun and great to see the likes of Marc Woolward (the only other UK competitor this year) and Eric Connor ripping it up. Thanks to Devon, Louise and little Fiona for putting up with me for a week's great seeing you guys.

I'm working on getting some pictures over the next week so watch this space. Happy Surfing

Monday, March 02, 2009

A nice weekend

It's finally a bit warmer (for a few days at least!)...and we've had a great weekend of waves up in the NE :)