Saturday, May 01, 2010

What a week! The spring swells have been pretty good the last couple of weeks. Squeezing in 2 sessions a day most days is great! Some exciting things in the pipeline this summer this space! Photo...A local reef; a tad messy but the ONA makes it smooth!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Still Here!

Hello...from the deepest darkest depths of yorkshire! For those of you wondering, I'm still alive and kicking, just been a bit manic lately with buying a house!! I know I must be getting old...there's only so long i can live in a van! It's been a long cold winter up here with long flat spells but Spring's arrived and so have the waves. Had a great session this evening at Saltburn putting the Watertech ONA through its paces. :-) Really impressed. Locks in nicely on the steep fast walls and charges really down the line. I'm making sections that i don't expect to. It's slightly more locked in so harder to tail slash but that's a small price to pay, compared to the speed and effortless way that it roundhouses...feels great! Hopefully i'll be able to find someone with a camera soon to get some shots. Meanwhile, it's back to working on the house (between sessions), which in it's current state is only a small step up from my van!