Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Coldwater: Cayton Bay

Finally managed to run the Cayton bay event on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who turned up and helped make the day a success. It was especially good to see so many new faces...that's what it's all about. Well done to Gary Adcock for surfing to victory in style. Conditions were particularly difficult, turning into a 6ft beach dump, but a good day was had by all :)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sea Kayaking in Guernsey

I've just got back up 'tut' north and Autumn's arrived with a bang, but had a great week back home in Guernsey, Sea Kayaking, Surfing and generally chilling out.

The sea kayaking around Guernsey is amongst the best in the world in my opinion... 10m tides, Atlantic swells and loads of small islands to explore.

Mike (a colleague from work) joined me down there and we did a couple of short classics: a round island trip and accross to Herm. Windy conditions prevented us from doing anything epic but it nice to get a break. Got lots on the 'to do list' though! Will have to return soon!