Friday, March 28, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

Photos from Santa Cruz

Starting to collect the photos from Santa Cruz..keep an eye on the Gallery for latest shots.
Here's a nice one by Jordan Deltscheff

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter :)

Happy Easter to everyone.
With the HP event cancelled this weekend i've headed north with Sarah to the Cairngorm's and full on winter conditions. Yesterday we had a full day sking in some really nice conditions. With more snow overnight and a blizzard as i type, it looks like Monday could see some nice powdery conditions :) awesome! Hope you're all having a good bank holiday!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gold at Santa Cruz

So i'm recovering from jet lag slowly but really excited to have won the Gold at Santa Cruz. The conditions were changing from heat to heat on Sunday. Strong wind made the quarter finals particularly tough but i managed to remain unbeaten throughout and pulling off a nice air in the final, scoring a max 30pts for that wave secured the title...for the 2nd year in a row :) awesome!
Big congrats to Matt Radis (silver), Rusty Sage (Bronze) and Dave Johnston (4th) who helped make a spectacular final. Also cheers to Devon and family who put up with me for a week...Also seen a couple of cracking shots of Devon from his 2nd round heat...nice job!

Well done to everyone else in the Mega Flying Squad who put in excellent performances (full magazine report coming this space). Great to see Malcolm out there too...still ripping!

Check out the Santa Cruz newspaper report:
(nice quote by Rusty!) Unfortunately the photographer missed the final but i'm slowly collecting shots and putting them in my gallery:

If anyone has any photos please email me at:
Watch this space for more pics!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Santa Cruz: Day 2

A nice 10ft swell was producing some good surf at the Lane this morning and I was fired for up for a good heat. Hoping for a slot wave i went really deep to begin with but was unlucky and got caught on the inside, taking a good beating. With 5 mins gone and no waves, the pressure was really on. I secured a couple of solid rides with some nice smooth roundhouses, but struggled to find a 3rd good ride. However, the points I had were enough to secure another 1st and I progress through to the quarter finals tomorrow, ranked in 2nd place, behind world champion Rusty Sage.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Santa Cruz: Day 1

Another hot day in California :) My opening round was late this afternoon, so I spent most of today saving energy and getting ready for the heat. With a good swell kicking in and a pushing tide, conditions were getting pretty good. With moderate winds and a good 150m, the paddle out was hard work and the heat was set to be pretty physical. My main rival was former Scottish champion, Neil Baxter, but I was feeling fairly confident going into the heat. The heat started really well, with a nice 10ft set after 30 secs, solid surfing secured a good start. Right through the heat the waves just kept coming and every time i got out back another nice set shaped up. (The surf Gods were certainly favouring me today!) Another 3 solid waves, including a small aerial on the inside (I think the only one of today), secured a 1st place and tied highest score of the day in World Cup Class. So a really good day and the perfect start to the event. My next round is an earlier start in the morning at 9.20, and the forecast is mixed but feeling confident for another good heat.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

nice morning at the lane

A bit of light rain seemed to put off the locals today and i had 3hrs of glassy head high surf with only a few people out....very nice :) Just chilling out now for the rest of the day, ad until the competition starts tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Santa Cruz 08

I arrived in Santa Cruz on Sunday and have had a few days of nice surf to get used to going right after a winter full of lefts. A big swell started kicking in yesterday afternoon and i spent 4hrs at the lane this's tough to surf a great big peak with no wall though...argh! Still the next few days is looking good, with about 6ft clean swell. Saturday is going to be interesting though with possible 20ft faces wont be a contest of surfing, but more who's bravest! this space!

Brits 07 (re-run)

A couple of weeks ago was the first big comp of the season. A very cold weekend in Northumberland, with a couple of feet of surf was pretty nice. I was pleased to progress through to the fials. I had a great semi and felt on top form going into the final, but just couldn't find the waves..everywhere i moved, the waves dissapeared!...very frustrating, however, another final and a 4th place isn't a bad start to the season :)